It’s no surprise that YouTube is the second largest website in the world. If you already knew that, but have not started using YouTube as a part of SEO strategy, you’re missing out a huge opportunity to get more visitors. With over 30 million visitors every day, it’s a very promising strategy to be included in your SEO practice. If you don’t have a slightest idea where to start, read the guide below.

Similar to web SEO strategy, YouTube SEO strategy is also started with keywords. A webmaster need to do their research, by finding keywords from YouTube result that appear on Google first page, this technique is called video keywords. Unlike standard keyword in SERP, video keywords in Google have a good amount of number videos in the first page for video result, making your website to drive traffic directly from first page of Google. Without using video keywords technique, you can only hope to get traffic from users who specifically search for your video on YouTube. To get an efficient video keyword, you need to use Google Keyword Planner on Adwords. You need to find relevant keywords and choose that has minimal 300 searches each month.

Quality of the video is very important. Make sure your video is interesting to watch, offers great value and attractive. Because your YouTube SEO will become useless and won’t rank, if your video is not good. Contrasting with Google SERPs, that uses many factors like backlinks to give value to a website, but YouTube ranks are about interactions. The site is going to look how long people usually watch the video for, number of shares, comments, thumbs up/down, favorites, and how many users subscribe the channel after watching a video. Many of these interactions will happen if your videos have good quality. Another tip about making video is that longer video usually performs better, so make sure the video’s length is about or more than 5 minutes long. You don’t have to worry if your video’s length is long, as long as your video has value to offer then eventually users will still be watching.

While uploading, you need to use video keyword in the name of video file and video title. Create video title using at least 5 words to avoid keyword shuffling, it’s recommended to place the keyword in the beginning. After optimizing title, the next task is to fill video’s description, which also a vital factor. This is because Google and YouTube are going to rely on video description to find out what the video is about, place keywords in the first 25 words and repeated it for at least 3 times. Video’s description needs to have at least 250 words, and should place your website link at the beginning to maximize website click-through rate (CTR). Targeted tags will also help your video to appear in the sidebar area of relevant YouTube videos.

Another factor to make your video to is from views and you need many of them. With YouTube has found out about fake views that using Fiverr, your video needs to have real views. A good strategy to get views for your video is from Q&A sites, that discusses related subjects with your video. Instead of posting link of your video, you can just embed your YouTube video in the comment section. Putting your video for people who is looking for information that your video offers means that you’ll likely to get more views with retention, which is going to help boosting your video rating.