With Google updating its search algorithms almost every year, forcing many companies to learn about SEO and how to get the top spot on search engines result page. The latest updated algorithm was Panda 4.2 update, which is focusing which website has better quality in content than the others. But recently, the trend is changing and making brand as one of the ranking factor in Google’s search result. This new trend combining with Panda update resulting in which brands and the branding agencies are playing the bigger role in terms of their clients SEO performance for 2 main reasons:

– Search result is mostly dominate by brands

The new update is clearly showing Google giving brands huge boost to dominate the organic search results. This statement can be proven with analysis done by Rand Fishkin. In some of the result of his analysis, we can see that even in competitive markets, Google still giving brand a favor with creating a drop down information of the brand. This is a huge hint about the importance of brand, like on the search results which are being dominated by big brands. This means that brand is almost becoming the new factor for good SEO.

– The advantage in Google’s ranking has been improved

Today, having a technically good optimized site and creating good quality content is the minimum efforts of good SEO. But only creating good and unique content is not enough to climb the higher ranking in Google since the latest Panda update. This forced brands to produces content that can be shared and having better quality in anything against contents that their competitors produced. This SEO practice needs a lot of help and efforts to have good result.

Because of that, brand companies now need to expect more effort from agencies that they hired. They need to improve the brand’s name awareness and value in the market. They can do it by creating the most interesting and engaging content that reflect as a true investment in time and resources for brand companies. It’s still not enough for brands by producing engaging content only, because they need to make sure that their brand power and return on investment are increasing. These efforts will eventually manifest itself in more relevant and better search results soon enough.

The type of strategy of planning, positioning and content developing will combine with SEO strategy that are going to be the main weapon on beating the competition. Even though SEO target is not easy to achieved but when you captured the top position of search result you will get the idea on how to maintain the position. In the end, brand agencies now are not only spreading brand name of their clients but also a stable position on Google search.